Ade Luchtkwaliteitmonitor met Thermo- en Hygrometer


Air quality monitor with thermometer / hygrometer | ADE WS 1908
Indoor climate at a glance! The Swiss sensor technology gives the air quality monitor with thermo-hygrometer the precision for the precise analysis of the room air. If new carpets have been laid, new furniture has arrived – the TVOC content is then displayed with the compact device: for example, whether too many volatile, organic compounds are flying through the room air. The CO 2 content is also measured: Is the air good enough for concentrated work, for relaxed romping around or relaxed reading? Or should it be properly ventilated?
Air quality measurement with Swiss sensor technology
Display of CO2 (400 – 60.000 ppm)
Display of TVOC (0.005 – 9.999 mg/m³), volatile organic compounds, e.g. evaporation from furniture or lacquer
Indoor temperature display ( -0.9°C to 50°C)
Indoor hygrometer (20 – 97 %)
CO2 comfort display based on various icons
Clear LCD display: 63 x 57 mm
Compact casing made of ABS plastics, for standing
Battery operation
Temperature display
-9,9° – 50°C
Air humidity 20 – 97%
CO2 display 400 – 60.000 ppm
TVOC display 0,005 – 9.999 mg/m³
Units ppm, mg/m³, °C, RH (%)
81 x 25 x 81 mm
2x 1,5 V AAA

  • artikelnummer: 378538
  • status product: voorraadproduct
  • leveranciersartikelnr: WS1908
  • verpakking: geschenkverpakking
  • ean code: 426058000000000000
  • lengte: 8.1 cm
  • breedte: 2.5 cm
  • hoogte: 8.1 cm
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