De Buyer Bolle Mengkom in Inox met Siliconen Bodem 7l - 30cm


Hemispherical bowl with a silicone base for professional use, ideal for whisking, heating in bain-marie. The hemispherical shape helps to incorporate air, for example for whisking egg whites or Chantilly cream.

  • Suitable for refrigerator, freezer and blast-chiller
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel, robust and undeformable
  • Bottom coated with silicone and slightly flat for excellent stability
  • Permanent laser etched measurement markings on the interior
  • Functional and ergonomic open rolled edge, which enables a secure grip and easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • artikelnummer: 870908
  • status product: voorraadproduct
  • leveranciersartikelnr: 3373.30
  • verpakking: omdoos
  • ean code: 301124000000000000
  • hoogte: 15.2 cm
  • diameter: 32.8 cm
  • materiaal: roestvrij staal - inox
  • vaatwasbestendig
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