De Buyer Fileermes in Roestvrij Staal FK2 16cm


This knife is perfect for cutting chicken or fish fillets. The blade is long, straight and flexible to fit the shape of the cut. De Buyer FK2 knives are designed to be a good blend of toughness, sharpness, durability, functionality and value for chefs and gourmet cooks.

  • High quality German blade material : X50CrMoV15 (1.4116) stainless steel alloy. Hard for edge retention and tough for edge durability.
  • Adjustable counterweight mechanism allowing to find the perfect balance between blade and handle by unscrewing the butt cap and removing counterweight spacers
  • One piece blade with solid bolster and thick tang
  • Strong and durable carbon fibre composite handle with a dynamic reverse wedge shape and textured non-slip grip
Meer info
  • artikelnummer: 871013
  • status product: product op bestelling
  • leveranciersartikelnr: 4283.16
  • verpakking: geschenkverpakking
  • ean code: 3011244283163
  • lengte: 16 cm
  • materiaal: roestvrij staal - inox
  • vaatwasbestendig
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