De Buyer Diamant Messenslijper Trium


The Trium Diamond Cams Pro sharpener easily and quickly restores perfect sharpness to any type of knife. The Diamond Cams – a patented system – sharpen the blade with a precise cutting angle: just slide the blade down and back, between the cams, to restore a finely sharpened bevelled edge. It has 2 slots, one coarse grit sharpener for dull blades, and a second slot for fine sharpening and honing between the Diamond Cams.

Meer info
  • artikelnummer: 870945
  • status product: beschikbaar tot uitputting voorraad
  • leveranciersartikelnr: 4290.02
  • verpakking: geschenkverpakking
  • ean code: 301124000000000000
  • lengte: 12 cm
  • breedte: 6.7 cm
  • hoogte: 5.7 cm
  • materiaal: kunststof
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