De Buyer Mini Blini-pan in Koper met Greep in Gietinox Inocuivre 10cm


This ø10cm mini pan is perfect for making blinis or pancakes. Ideal for serving, display on a table, buffets and open kitchens. Thanks to its exceptional material made up of 90% copper and 10% stainless steel, the Inocuivre range masters the cooking process perfectly through uniform heat diffusion. It ensures remarkable cooking results, perfectly uniform on any cook top except induction. With their cast stainless steel handles, they are reminiscent of the historical tradition of copper cookware. The stainless steel interior makes it easy to clean your copper utensils.

  • Suitable for all hobs excluding induction
  • 90% copper and 10% AISI304 stainless steel on the inside
  • 2mm-thick copper body heats and cools rapidly and evenly
  • stainless steel interior, perfectly food grade, proportioned not to alter the qualities of copper and easy to clean
  • Elegant oven-to-table design
  • Riveted handle of cast iron stays cool to the touch, hanging hole
  • High-end mirror polishing
Meer info
  • artikelnummer: 870405
  • status product: beschikbaar tot uitputting voorraad
  • leveranciersartikelnr: 6424.10
  • verpakking: neutrale doos
  • ean code: 301125000000000000
  • aantal per pallet: 1000
  • diameter: 10 cm
  • materiaal: koper
  • niet vaatwasbestendig
  • geschikt voor alle warmtebronnen excl inductie
  • geschikt voor oven
  • materiaal handgreep: gietinox
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