De Buyer Silicone Bakvorm voor 15 Mini Financiers Elastomoule 21x17,6cm


The Elastomoule enables you to make 15 mini financier cakes with sharp edges. Elastomoule is a range of professional moulds in a unique material, a patented combination of silicone foam and metal powder, giving it the conductivity and thermal properties of a classic metal pan but with the flexibility and easy release of a silicone mould. Elastomoule caramelizes juices perfectly, for a better flavour. The moulds are non-stick, flexible and resistant to extreme temperatures between -70° and + 300 °C. Whether they are used for traditional oven baking or cold preparations, they provide perfect results thanks to their sharp angles, their neat ridge shapes and exceptionally good release.

  • High quality silicone foam with metal powder : supports temperatures from -70°C to +300°C
  • Excellent conductivity of heat and cold, resulting in even baking and caramelization of juices
  • Smooth inner surface: natural non-stick and easy release
  • Can be used for baking in a traditional oven or bain-marie
  • For best results use on oven rack or a perforated baking tray
  • Grease before first use
  • Do not heat when empty
  • Do not use under a grill or in a microwave
  • Do not use sharp objects on the tray
  • Hand washing recommended.
  • artikelnummer: 870869
  • status product: product op bestelling
  • leveranciersartikelnr: 1852.21D
  • verpakking: ophangkaart
  • ean code: 3011241852218
  • lengte: 21 cm
  • breedte: 17.5 cm
  • hoogte: 1.2 cm
  • materiaal: silicone
  • vaatwasbestendig
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