De Buyer Universele Ontkerner Rood ø30mm


An ergonomic manual extractor of professional quality. This practical item is used to core, remove stalks or to stuff, in a very short amount of time, any kind of fruit and vegetable, even very ripe ones, while preserving their texture thanks to a clean, close cut. Soft Touch non-slip handle, ergonomic for a safe and comfortable grip. The stainless steel coring tube is scaled. The bottom edge is sharp and notched to easily penetrate any kind of fruit and vegetable. The wrought stainless steel helical blade is sturdy and very sharp. It avoids having to cut the side of the food to take the core out and therefore makes it easy to stuff. Available in 3 sizes, 1 colour per size for easy identification.

Meer info
  • artikelnummer: 870552
  • status product: product op bestelling
  • leveranciersartikelnr: 2612.03
  • verpakking: plastiek zak
  • ean code: 301124000000000000
  • hoogte: 25 cm
  • diameter: 30 mm
  • kleur: rood
  • materiaal: roestvrij staal - inox
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