Hailo TL100 Top Telescopische Trapladder


TL100 Top is the perfect option for anyone that frequently needs to transport a ladder or is limited on height and space for ladder storage. Despite its telescoping design, it is very stable and steady, and offers you flexible working height. It comes with a three-section design to be deployed in a cascading manner, allowing higher ladder reach in a ladder that requires less storage space. It can be set up in different ways, including as a step ladder with even or uneven side lengths. When in stairway mode, only the short end should go on the step. Transforming the ladder from one mode or size to another is quick and secure. The locked and unlocked positions on the hinges have an easy visual indicator to let you know when it’s safely locked. When you’re done using the ladder, its slim profile only measures 16cm and fits in tight spaces in the home or garage.

  • 3, 4 or 5 steps in one ladder
  • Telescopic step and support legs
  • Safety locking system for the telescopic elements with visual Lock/Unlock indicator
  • Platform locking mechanism
  • Can be used on staircases
  • Step/rung combination
  • Extra-large platform 29,9×27,5cm
  • Extra wide, collapsible steps
  • Multifunctional tray with storage areas for cans of different sizes
  • Space-saving storage, dimensions closed H143xW56xD16cm
  • Steps, platform and inside legs made from anodised aluminium
  • Non-slip plastic feet
  • Max load capacity 150 kg
  • Max working heigth 309cm
  • Weight 8,8kg
Meer info
  • artikelnummer: 400470
  • status product: voorraadproduct
  • leveranciersartikelnr: 8450-100
  • verpakking: krimpfolie
  • ean code: 400713000000000000
  • aantal per pallet: 10
  • lengte: 1.43 m
  • breedte: 56 cm
  • materiaal: aluminium
  • aantal treden: 5
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