Jamie Oliver Mango Splitter


The Jamie Oliver Mango Splitter is a great piece of kitchen kit to help boost your fruit intake. It takes the mess and fuss out of preparing mangoes for snacks, dinners or desserts. The razor-sharp blade with its micro serrations slices straight through a whole mango with only the lightest amount of effort and as its located centrally in the splitter you can ensure fingers are always safe. Use the splitter to make prepping mango fuss-free for lunchboxes, salads and tasty and nutritious desserts.

  • Razor-sharp stainless-steel blade with micro serrations for splitting and destoning mangoes.
  • Non-slip easy-grip handles
  • Minimal effort and ideal for any size mango.
  • Reduces food waste by ensuring as much mango flesh is separated from the stone.
  • Micro Serrated Blade – Prepare mangoes fuss-free and with minimal mess by pushing down vertically over the fruit to slice in half and remove the stone.
  • Featuring two non-slip easy-grip handles that allow you to push down on the mango evenly and with minimal force whilst also ensuring fingers are kept away from the blade
  • The blade has been designed to slice through the mango as close to the stone as possible to ensure you get as much fruit out as possible. The splitter works perfectly on all varieties and shapes of mangoes. Simply line the blade up with the location of the stone, push down and its ready to eat
  • 5-year guarantee
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