Zyliss Comfort Broodmes in Roestvrij Staal 20,5cm


The 20.5cm long blade with a serrated cutting edge is designed to work perfectly on tough and soft surfaces alike, to give the perfect slice without any crushing or crumbling. The ergonomic handle has been designed for ultimate comfort in everyday use. It fits perfectly in the hand and features a flat bolster that allows a firm grip in use. The finger indent on top of the handle provides a comfortable position for placing the index finger when slicing with precision.

  • Serrated blade in high quality Japanese Stainless Steel stay sharper for longer(*against an equal material grade of Zyliss SS knives)
  • Contoured handle designed for maximum comfort and to suit any hand size and grip style.The flat bolster allows a firm grip and the non-slip handle provides control even with wet hands
  • Serrated blade cuts through crusty or soft loaves and rolls cleanly without squashing the bread
  • Comes with a blade guard for safe in-drawer storage and to protect the blade when not in use
  • Completely dishwasher safe| 5 year guarantee

Zyliss knows the magic of food begins long before the meal reaches the table. That’s why Zyliss creates brilliant kitchen tools and equipment, designed to help you perfect the art of preparation and cooking. With sixty years of Swiss expertise, Zyliss tools are a delight to use and help you to love the time you spend in the kitchen. Zyliss products feel great and they look great too. They are a true pleasure to use.

  • artikelnummer: 060696
  • status product: voorraadproduct
  • leveranciersartikelnr: E920208
  • verpakking: ophangkaart
  • ean code: 5011268852480
  • lengte: 33 cm
  • breedte: 5 cm
  • hoogte: 3 cm
  • materiaal: roestvrij staal - inox
  • vaatwasbestendig
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