Lunch on-the-go recipe book

Black + Blum's on-the-go product range is now complemented by a recipe book with over 80 on-the-go recipes with easy to follow step-by-step guidance and tips on how to best store prepared meals

Lees meer 25 oktober 2021

NEW non-stick bakeware range

Designed with the home baker in mind, this great-looking bakeware range in heavy-duty carbon steel with satin navy blue finish and double non-stick coating, offers a superior baking performance

Lees meer 11 oktober 2021


Be the first to know and browse our concise overview with the latest new product additions by Royal Leerdam, Vacu Vin, AdHoc, Triangle, Bohemia Selection and more

Lees meer 1 oktober 2021


Zyliss' new high-end knives offer high-quality blades at an affordable price. Made in ice-hardened German stainless steel and taper-ground to 15° means they're razor-sharp and hold their edge longer

Lees meer 27 september 2021

PURE Glass is 100% plastic free

Pure Glass by Pyrex is a 100% plastic free and freshness-preserving multipurpose food storage container, ideal for cooking and storing meals in fridge and freezer

Lees meer 27 september 2021

ULTIMATE PRO frying pans

Zyliss Ultimate PRO Frying Pans feature advanced Swiss non-stick Durit® technology by Ilag with ALPINE CRYSTALS delivering superior non-stick performance and healthier cooking

Lees meer 27 september 2021

Cast iron in NEW trend colours

These cast iron stew pans are perfect for both high-heat browning to low-heat simmering. The design with self-basting concentric circles in the lid, yields moist, tender results. Oven-safe up to 250°C

Lees meer 10 september 2021

A twist of genius

The NEW Herb&Spice Shaker is the perfect balance of a cooks aid and a cupboard organiser. It can hold 5 standard sized spice jars worth of herb or spice, turn to pour or sprinkle into your cooking

Lees meer 7 september 2021

Libbey Novelties

From retro nostalgia to chic modern, Libbey offers a combination of elegance and affordability in glassware for pro's looking to upgrade their drink service, still maintaining longer service life

Lees meer 3 september 2021


Be the first to know and browse our concise overview with the latest new product additions by Vacu Vin, Triangle, Ade and Lacor

Lees meer 3 september 2021

Festive Novelties

When you're throwing a party, you want unique but functional & undemanding glassware that won't break the budget. Royal Leerdam's NEW party sets in festive gift box are just the thing

Lees meer 18 augustus 2021

Pyrex NEW stock items

Discover PREP & STORE mixing bowls with keep-fresh lid and MY FIRST PYREX babyfood containers with leakfree clip lids to go. Asimetria carbon steel bakeware is as off now a regular stock item

Lees meer 10 augustus 2021