NEW ligne ash tableware

With familiar timeless basics in pure and simple shapes in a warm, seasonless colour that transcends all trends, Ligne ash offers a refined versatility and connects us to that natural, organic feel

Lees meer 12 oktober 2020


Be the first to know and browse our concise overview with the latest new product additions by Vacu Vin, Pyrex, Libbey, Continenta, Robert Herder and more.

Lees meer 5 oktober 2020

NEW vacuum jugs

Our new vacuum insulated air pump jugs are the perfect solution for group events, offices, meetings or self-service catering at buffets and dinner parties.

Lees meer 30 september 2020

Affordable essentials for the modern table

Pintinox new cutlery ranges have contemporary timeless shapes with solid 4mm stainless steel designs. Both in silky smooth matt polished or mirror-polished finishes.

Lees meer 24 september 2020

Grespresso expanded with cereal bowls

With the new 55cl cereal bowls, Costa Nova just launched the perfect extension to their Grespresso cups collection. Use them for cereals, fruit, nuts, sugar, cookies, ice cream and more.

Lees meer 23 september 2020

Introducing our new face mask storage boxes

Compact, clean, safe and exactly the size to fit your folded face mask between uses. Or carry a spare one with you to be on the safe side always.

Lees meer 13 september 2020

New takeaway cups in bamboo fibre

Ekobo has custom-designed a new 500ml takeaway cup with sleek fitted premium-silicone sleeve and top with tab closure.

Lees meer 9 september 2020


Bekijk hier de laatste nieuwe producten van ADE, Continenta, Pintinox, Lacor en Teakhaus

Lees meer 21 augustus 2020


Bekijk hier de laatste nieuwe producten van Zyliss, Jamie Oliver, André Verdier en Lacor

Lees meer 21 augustus 2020

Levital. Low-fat frying. Healthy cooking.

The innovative Levital sealing has first-rate non-stick and anti-bacterial properties allowing for low-calorie frying with little or no fat. Winner of a German Innovation Award 2020.

Lees meer 17 augustus 2020

New espresso size travel cup

With the launch of a new 18cl espresso cup, Ecoffee cup is now offering bamboo fibre takeaway cups in up to 5 different sizes. New graphics for the existing range are available!

Lees meer 12 augustus 2020

Fall 2020 Seasoning Novelties

This fall Cole & Mason launches a collection of beautifully designed mills with innovative material mixes providing an elegant solution to seasoning

Lees meer 7 augustus 2020