De Buyer Braadpan in Aluminium met Antiaanbaklaag en Inductiebodem Choc Resto Induction 24cm


Non-stick round pan perfect for gentle cooking. Ideal for simmering, reheating, cooking and warming dishes. The flared sides enable food to slide easily onto a plate.
Choc Resto Induction is a range of professional non-stick frying pans manufactured in extra thick aluminum, undeformable by the heat of induction. Its solidness results in a steady increase in temperature and uniform heat distribution. The high-end coating, consisting of 5 layers, offers a good scratch and heat resistance combined with optimal non-stick performance. The epoxy coated riveted iron handle is resistant to high temperatures.

  • All cook tops including induction
  • Extra thick aluminum (5mm): warp-free with high resistance of the coating during use on induction hobs
  • Guaranteed PFOA-free PTFE 5 layer coating, for good scratch and heat resistance, suitable for heavy use
  • Seamlessly integrated bottom in induction-friendly AISI 304 ferritic stainless steel ensures induction compatibility
  • Riveted iron handle with hanging hole
  • Do not heat when empty, avoid thermal shocks
  • Do not use metal objects in the cookware
  • Wash by hand only with non-abrasive sponge
  • artikelnummer: 870252
  • status product: voorraadproduct
  • leveranciersartikelnr: 8480.24
  • verpakking: zichtverpakking
  • ean code: 301125000000000000
  • aantal per pallet: 200
  • diameter: 24 cm
  • materiaal: aluminium
  • vaatwasbestendig
  • met antikleeflaag
  • geschikt voor alle warmtebronnen incl inductie
  • geschikt voor oven
  • materiaal handgreep: staal
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